Monday, 5 September 2016

UP election 2017: Akhilesh Yadav's smartphone offer

UP election is on the line which will be in the next year. So to reach out to the people Akhilesh Yadav uses the latest weapon which is the "Smartphone".

Now a days people live without each other but doesn't live without technology. So the smartphone is the basic technology that everyone wants and almost everyone use it. After free laptop, the CM is planning to give away phones, But conditions apply on it.

People can request smartphones now but the phones will be delivered to their home if the party voted back to power. The smartphones will be yours in second half of 2017 if the condition fulfills i.e if party wins.
The phone will be a "two-way communication tool to inform and educate the poor about government schemes and policies," the state government said today. Today’s phones comes with the latest softwares and apps which will be usable for government to track a record and communicate via digitalization system with the peoples to resolve their queries and respond via app with their query status and information etc.

Anyone who is over 18 and lives in Uttar Pradesh can apply for a phone - online - provided their family income is less than 2 lakh rupees a year. The online registrations are likely to start in a month and people can go to the site and apply for the phones.

The ruling party is believed to have crafted its latest strategy after an assessment that the smartphone will be a surefire hit with young voters.

At a recent function, the Chief Minister had hinted at the scheme, saying "Samajwadis will think of something which we can give to next generation or something through which they can get more information about the government and share their expectations. The cities are becoming smart and through mobile applications peoples will be up to date  about all the neccessory  informations via mobile applications."

In 2012, when the Samajwadi Party returned to power in Uttar Pradesh, one of its key promises was free laptops for students, a promise that the 43-year-old chief minister kept but not without controversy. Besides various problems, the government ended up owing crores to Hewlett Packard, the company supplying the laptops.

In the next coming year there is a major competition between four parties of Samajwadi, BJP, Mayawati's BSP and the Congress.

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