Thursday, 1 September 2016

The place where wireless signals are illegal

The west Virginia town , what we called a hope taker country in tech field. The town in Pocahontas country with a small population of 143 according to the last census report, Wireless facilities are banned or illegal in the country. No cell phones, No WiFi, No Bluetooth, No electronic facilities at all. The town even removed the electronic doors from the stores as they caused too much interference.

The rules are too strict and to tough actually that someone roves the streets listening for verboten wireless signals. This rules lies in the town which is the home to the green bank's telescope, the largest steerable radio telescope of the world. Scientists listen there radio energy sources that how stars and galaxies are formed and the rough radio signal prevent the discoveries which will be the big question about the how universe ticks.

In green bank's finding phone service is the only thing harder than finding a another human. No service provide by the town's government an only you receive sometime a AM broadcasting channel hosted by the Allegheny Mountain Radio Network.

Only residents allowed first to use the communication radios, although they are limited to the short distance radios. If you are lost, than a pay phone service is for you, by which you can surf the web there but you will have to grant a permission to the modem dial up again.

But now there are new thing are happen and the service is now slowly changing. Because if you are in Green's bank and if you want to send a message to social sites or update a status than you are in luck because AT&T brought cellular connectivity to the Snowhouse Mountain Ski Resort, which lies in the centre of quite zone. The task was not so easy as they want to get radio signals to extremely down level.

The director of AT&T said that to do this he has to get the approval and to get the approval he installed 180 antennas around the resort and 3 miles of fiber optic cables so that there will be no interference and signals don't need to travel too long. Which is good because they want to reduce the power and our phone emits an average 500 milliwatts when we are using it, but you are skiing the slopes, than that goes down automatically to a less than a milliwatt, said the director of AT&T.

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