Friday, 26 August 2016

Android 7.0 Nougat update arrived

Wait is over and the new android came into existence i.e Android 7.0 Nougat

Everybody looking for the android 7.0 and the question arrives that when the update will be in the handsets, but now for everyone that waited for 7.0 the wait is over now. Google circulates the updates on the Nexus devices 1st so people with Nexus device will get the update 1st. Google is previewing the updates over Nexus devices and one by it will get circulates over all the devices via OTA update.

Android N is quiet different from Android M while the most of the features are same. The main feature is you can multitask everything i.e you can open 2 apps at a time in multitasking window.

The security is also enhanced in this update and the overall experience will be good according to the features given by the Google.

After Nexus gets the android 7.0 then the second handset is Motorola as in the update this devices are super fast as updates re first given in the Motorola devices. So the Motorola user can experience the new update as the OTA update in October 2016. Motorola devices probably will experience two Androids i.e N and O but not confirmed yet and In the same month there are chances of getting updates for HTC devices.

Samsung which is the most sale brand in india and overseas at this time has to wait for some month as the update were sent as the OTA update probably in the December 2016 the rest of the devices gets the update according to the arrangements made by the google. By the june 2017 most of the devices will run on the new Android 7.0.

Android N is released on 22 august 2016 and the updates sent over OTA upgrades in the Nexus phones for the preview and the google is now going for the Android O which will release in 2017 according to the Google's news.

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