Friday, 19 August 2016

Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort quits

US election: Paul Manafort, campaign chairman for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trup, has resigned just two months after taking the helm

Mr.Trump confirmed Mr Manafort's departure in a statement. He first took control of Mr Trump's campaign after the buinessman's campaign manager was fired in june. Mr Manafort, 67, has come under fire for his ties to russian interest and former ukrinian president viktor yanukovych.

But it is not clear that why he left the team, which was overhauled earlier this week with the addition of a new campaign chief executive and a new campaign manager.
The announcement of new campaign chief, Kellyanne Conway, and campaign CEO, Stephen Bannon, earlier this week raised a questions about whether it would diminish Mr. Manafort's role.
A hotel developer with no previous experience of politics, Mr Trump stunned the political world by beating far more experienced figures in the republican party.

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