Wednesday, 31 August 2016

RTI applicant ask PMO that when will Rs15 lakhs be in my account?

Prime Minister's office is directed by the CIC to responde to the RTI applicants which is responsible to give information towards the RTI applications. The application received by the PMO in which applicant wrote that the money which will be given to the every account holder of head of the family of Indians i.e Rs 15 lakhs which was promised by Narendra Modi in 2014 general elections, what happened to that promise?

The complaint filed by the Rajasthan's  Kanhaiya Lal in which he ask to the top of the board of PMO that, " at the time of election, it will be announce that black money will bought back to india and Rs 15 lakhs will  be deposited to the accounts, so what happened to that."says chief inormation commissioner Radha Krishna Mathur.

The complaint wants an answer from the Honorable PM of India that when will India become corruption free country as it is increased by 90% wants to know that when will be the new rule will come into existence for removing corruption.

Lal also mentioned that there are 40% concession in the senior citizens railway ticket but this government also exclude this benefit which was given by the congress government. 

The PMO official present during the hearing said they did not get the plea of Lal hence they did not respond to that complaint.

The complaint has to be revert within the 15 days by the respondent, said by Mathur in his order.

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