Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Nationalism BJP's trump card, play it to the hilt:Narendra Modi

Modi spells out poll mantra for UP, 2019 as he meets core leaders from states.
Nearly half-way through his term, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday described nationalism as the BJP's identity, as he addressed over 300 selected party leaders from across the country. He also stressed that BJP has several scheduled caste and scheduled tribe leaders but needed to do more to address their concerns.
Stating that the 'tiranga yatra', led by Union ministers and party leaders to mark the 70th Independence Day, was aimed at uniting people and countering forces trying to disturb social harmony, Modi said that for the BJP, winning elections meant an exercise in nation building and strengthening the cause of nationalism.

The emphasis on nationalism as the party's mantra comes amidst unrest in Kashmir, controversies over sedition cases in Bengaluru on an Amnesty event and criticism on handling cow vigilante groups.

In an hour-long speech, Modi cautioned the members of the core groups from states against getting distracted by "elements trying to mar the image" of the party, said sources. He said that most party leaders came from humble background and should reach out to the people in the language of the common man. "We will have to apprise the common man that our aim is nation-building," he said.

Describing the core groups as catalysts, Modi said running the organisation while it is in power is more difficult than when it was in opposition.

It's with 2019 general Lok Sabha elections in mind that the BJP undertook the exercise to take stock of the political situation in every state. The day-long meet began with party president Amit Shah addressing the core group leaders and ended with Modi's speech.

Amit Shah gave tips to the state leaders on how to strengthen and expand the party and many more things. For states where BJP was in power, he directed that the governments should work in line with party ideology, be corruption free, aim for the welfare of the people and take a charitable approach. In states where the BJP was in opposition, Shah wanted the leaders to take an aggressive approach, chalk out a strategy to take on the government and plan campaigns against it.

Describing the BJP as the only party with an ideology, he set as priority training of the new members of the BJP, revising regional strategies and consolidation of party. Shah informed the members that the party has formed 19 divisions from the district to the state levels. He said the party core groups should not exceed 13 members.

Reacting on the PM's statement, the main Opposition Congress said it was not nationalism, but the promises of development, jobs, growth, and good governance, eradicating inflation and promises of 'Acche Din', that brought his party to power. "Now, after two years, with inflation at an high, internal security compromised, foreign affairs directionless, rising unemployment and stagnant economic growth, a forgotten Modi is shifting the goal post," Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said.

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