Tuesday, 23 August 2016

India on 7th rank in the world wealthiest country

As we know India is growing faster in terms of business and world relations, the trade system is much better than the last few year system and that's why the currency of India growing as the business grows. This week according to the report of New Wealth, India ranked 7th in the world with a total individual wealth of  $5600 billion (approx 372.5 lakh crore) while the US topped the chart.

The total individual wealth in US is $48,900 billion. China and japan have $17,000 billion and $15,000 with 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Canada, Australia and Italy have $4,700 billion, $4,500 billion and $4,400 billion with 8th, 9th and 10th rank respectively. United Kingdom, Germany and France have $9,200 billion, $9,100 billion and $6,600 billion with 4th, 5th and 6th place respectively. Wealth refers to the net assets of the people and wealth is very important or i can say the most important is only money.

According to the New Wealth Report, it shows that these countries are most forward in the race for making the money and grow the country. As the Australian population is just 22 million but according to the wealth it shows that Australia is very impressive from the past few years. India's ranking shows that the passion and hard work makes everything possible and give the way to enhance the the country and the world.

From the past 2 years India is growing very fast in the all fields and make there presence in all the departments of the world. As the Indian economy is growing very fast from the past few years so that in the next few years India will become the highest economy country and hence the world relation become more powerful as well as the wealth relations.

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