Friday, 2 September 2016

Uncontrolled mob for Jio SIM in Delhi, police had to come to control

Now a days more peoples are attracting towards Reliance Jio sim. To get the SIM people almost forced to violence. To get the sim there are huge crowd gathered in V3S mall near delhi's laxminagar. Things were out of control and people soon began commotion. Given the circumstances, had to call the police immediately. Police in some way control the mob.

In many cities of the country for RJio SIM incident is ongoing. In some places, people are queuing up whole night for SIM. Jio sim comes with free voice calling and free data with free SMS service. so for getting this benifits there are more people coming to the respective outlets.

Reliance Jio Service much faster than 3G services and 4G plans are cheaper than other providers 4G plans. Customers are therefore scramble for the SIM. Due to demand, the time taking to activate the SIM is quite more. Retailer are not able to activate the on time because the day ends with the selling of SIM. For the activation of SIM customers has to wait almost 7 days.

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