Thursday, 8 September 2016

ISRO successfully launched its new satellite

ISRO successfully launched its weather satellite INSAT-3DR today and postponed by 40 minutes. It was started on 7 September and the countdown was of 29 hours. The satellite launched from spaceport of Shriharikota which is located 110 Kilometers from Chennai.

Its total weight is 2,211 kg out of which 1,255 kg is in propellants. After reaching the Geostationary transfer orbit, it would use its propulsion to reach the geosynchronous orbit, which is the final destination.

The solar panels will be immediately come to action as soon as INSAT-3DR reaches the intended Geostationary Transfer orbit. It would take 17 minutes to conclude the entire process, from the launch.

The INSAT-3DR will be operational till 2014 and the previous 3B and 3C are currently not operational and INSAT-3DS will likely to operate from 2022 to 2029.

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