Wednesday, 14 September 2016

IBM to offer mobile security as a service

IBM will start delivering mobile security-as-a-service (MaaS) through its own cloud infrastructure in India, a move that is expected to better address in-country data requirements.

The company will also offer in India data privacy consulting services and mobile strategy, design and deployment consultants, as clients look to scale their mobile strategies globally.

The MaaS services tie into its larger strategy of expanding the IBM Cloud offerings that operate through 47 data centres in 26 countries. Currently, MaaS is available through data centres in North America, Germany and Singapore. It will now be available also through data centres in India and France.

"We are hosting the service out of the India data centre using Softlayer (IBM's cloud computing infrastructure) that's part of our Digital India strategy. Our data centre will accelerate the relevance to Indian markets," said Vaidyanathan Iyer, business unit executive, IBM Security at India and South Asia.
Source: Times of India

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